Mild Website Updates


It is rather fascicle that in my last post, over a year ago, I pledged to make more frequent posts.  I clearly have lied, and for that I do apologise. It has been a very busy 12+ months, and rest assured I have remained as creative as possible.

The main reason for writing now is to simply outline a few little updates that I have made to my website.  I usually do major design overhaul every few years, but I’m still quite happy with how this one turned out that I have no immediate plans to revamp it.  I merely want to enhance it here and there.

By far my most frequently updated, and therefore largest, pages are my t-shirts and figures ones.  Therefore I have seen fit to add a category section to my tshirt pages, which will take you to a page dedicated to designs from that genre.  I have also added a handy ‘Scroll to top’ button that will appear as you begin to scroll down the page.

For my figures page, I have included ‘jump to’ links so you can quickly jump to a specific set of photos.  My aim is to make the user experience as easy as possible, while not overloading you with too much information or buttons.

My future plans/dreams are to make the connection between my website and my various online stores even tighter by having a small section showcasing the very latest products available.  I hope it won’t be another 12 months before I managed to write a blog post about that….


Please feel free to visit my site and check the updates out yourself:


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