New Designs Round-up – May 2019

Three new t-shirt designs have recently been uploaded onto my Redbubble and Teepublic stores.  First up we have a new design for my gaming category. Anyone that owned an N64 will no doubt be familiar with the 64DD; an external hardware add-on that would allow you to play games on a disk drive format, which had a larger memory capacity compared to the N64’s game cartridges.  I remember getting monthly updates on the 64DD progress courtesy of the Official UK Nintendo magazine and each month it was looking bleaker and bleaker. The 64DD did eventually get released, but only in Japan were it flopped and consequently was quickly forgotten by Nintendo. To this day I still think that was a shame, so to celebrate I created a design that showed exactly how the 64DD would have worked.  Firstly, the 64DD would have plugged directly into the bottom of the N64 console. Then the N64 RAM expansion Pack would have been required (this add-on did make it to us, largely because some games actually needed it in order to work), and a special N64 cartridge that allowed for the N64 to connect to the internet could be inserted into the cartridge slot. And finally the 64 disk drives themselves would slot into the front.  All very neat and tidy, and when you see one in action on Youtube, it’ll make you still want one. You could, of course, settle for my t-shirt instead.


My second new design is inspired by both The Office US and the Bauhaus design movement.  Believe it or not, I watched the US version of The Office for the first time at the beginning of the year.  I have now watched the entire lot twice over! How did I miss this originally? It also happens to be the 100th year of the Bauhaus movement, and so I thought mixing The Office with Bauhaus would be a perfect fit.  Dwight would be happy.


And finally my third most recent design is based around Star Wars.  Many years ago I bought a t-shirt from Uni-Qlo which features all three titles of the original trilogy set out to mimic the scrolling titles from the start of each film.  Since they’ve very recently announced the title for the final Star Wars (Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker), I can now put all nine Star Wars film titles on to one t-shirt.  This proved a little more tricky than I anticipated, so took a few attempts to get it to the point that I was happy with.


You can see all my t-shirts designs by visiting my t-shirt section of my website (click this link).

You can also directly visit my Redbubble or TeePublic store front by clicking the below links:





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