I Love you, 1000

I started selling t-shirts on RedBubble back in the summer of 2015.  Initially I only uploaded a few designs and it took a good few weeks for my first sale to come through, but when it did I felt quite proud and pleased, and then I was overcome by blind panic in case the design actually looked rubbish when printed (I must stress that I go through my final PNG files with a fine tooth-comb, so quality at my end if guaranteed).  Around Christmas time that year, my sales were definitely on the increase and so I decided to focus much more of my spare time coming up with new designs.

When it comes to coming up with designs, I do tend to stick with what I know (and like).  That’s why my t-shirt webpage is quite easy to categorise into four groups; Korean dramas, film and TV, video games, and Star Wars.  Admittedly the Film and TV can be quite a broad one and indeed it does have quite a good range of genres and eras, but everything I do is based on something I really like or have a passion for.  Furthermore, my policy is to always keep to the standard commission rate as I want my designs to be as affordable as possible.

Last year (2018), my spare time was dominated by completing a comicbook commission and my redbubble store suffered as a result as I only produced a handful of new designs.  This year, I’ve tried to be consistent and produce new designs on a regular basis, and now use this blog to showcase my latest designs.

I’d like to end by saying a HUGE thank you to anyone out there that has purchased one of my t-shirts, and that I hope to come up with new designs that you find agreeable.

I’m also currently running a special prize draw on my instagram account, where one lucky winner (chosen at random) who likes my specific RB 1000 sales posts will get sent a t-shirt of their choice for free.

Find my instagram account here and look out for the RB 1000 sales posts for more details:


You can see all my t-shirts designs by visiting my t-shirt section of my website (click this link).

You can also directly visit my Redbubble or TeePublic (now owned by RedBubble) store front by clicking the below links:





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