Summer is over

Summer feels like it’s pretty much over now that schools have returned, it’s much darker when my alarm goes off and my shorts don’t feel like they will be seen again until 2020.

Before the summer holidays started, I (almost) had two new t-shirt designs to unleash.  Unfortunately I got really busy flying off to East Asia and then managing several major projects at work, and so here I am in September telling you about them.

Firstly there’s my take on boba tea.  For those that don’t know about bubble tea, or boba as connoisseurs will refer to it as, it is a milky tea drink usually served cold with tapioca pearls contained inside.  It’s very much an Asian thing (originated from Taiwan) but it’s become very popular here in the West too. As a Star Wars fan, as soon as someone says boba then my immediate thought is Boba Fett.  Despite drinking many a boba tea in my time, it only recently occurred to me to combine these two things that share the same name. And so we have my boba tea drinking vessel; a plastic cup in the mould of Boba Fett’s helmet, complete with purple straw in place of his antenna. 

My second design will receive its own whole post because I have a lot to say about it.  But for now I will say that it is my final entry (for now) in my console stack series, this time focusing on failed consoles through the years.  Hardcore gamers will recognise some of these, others that may need your memory jogged, and one or two you may be none the wiser about. To find out more about this design, check out my future blog post.

Both design are now uploaded onto my redbubble and teepublic stores.  You can view them and all my other designs here:


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