Console Fail

For every game console success, there’s at least two stories of doom.  Most of the time this is all too easy to predict, but there are the few occasions that a console’s failure is like a jab in the ribs.  There have been some spectacular disasters, usually by well established companies that should know better, and the old saying that a console is only as good as its third-party support rings very true as the main reason for most of these fails is a lack of franchise games.

Having completed the Sony collection to my console stack series, my attention quickly turned to making one final one (there aren’t currently enough Microsoft X-Box consoles to justify one), this time the focus being on failed consoles from the last 30-odd years of gaming.  It would be fair to say that I have a mild obsession with failed consoles. This might be down to having vivid memories of their launches, living the hype and excitment, and then seeing them quickly reduced in the bargain bin.

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