Black Friday 2019

During the month of November I’m usually scrambling away getting as many new designs uploaded as possible in-time for Christmas and, more specifically, Black Friday. Unsurprisingly my biggest sales figures come during the November to January period, and having new designs ready to go seems like an annual tradition now. This year I haven’t quite produced as many as I’d like and even my self-marketing on social media has been slightly nonexistent.  This comes down to being just too darn busy with life, and completing other projects such as bathroom decorating.

I do have two new designs to show you none the less. While the Summer seems like many moons ago now we’ve hit the cold, dark wet months of Autumn, we did managed to binge our way through quite a few Korean dramas. One of which included Strongest Deliveryman.  It wasn’t my favourite, but it had the typical charm and ridiculousness you’d come to expect from any K-drama. It was also the easiest one to base a t-shirt design on.


My second design is once again based on the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. Arguably one of the best and most memorable quotes from that film came from Michelangelo, Waiting for his pizza delivery guy (hey, there’s a theme here) and telling Donnie that wise men say “Forgiveness is Divine, but never pay full price for late pizza”. This of course relates to a price promise the likes of Pizzahut and Dominos had where if your pizza took more than 30 minutes to get to you, they’d give you a discount. I don’t think they still uphold to this policy anymore (not in the UK at least) but I guess takeaway delivery is no longer a new concept and with plenty of competition, there’s a better chance you’ll look good against “the others” as they are just as likely to f**k up too.


Both designs are on my usual platforms, while Strongest Deliveryman can also be found on Amazon.

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Kimchi Pancakes

Firstly, I do apologise for ignoring this blog.  Time, as always, has gotten the better of me but I shall aim to do better next year (2018), promise.

A year ago my wife introduced me to my first Korean drama, Goblin.  I remember when she initially sent me a message about it during the Christmas holidays, saying that she’ll wait for me to get back home before she starts watching it as she thinks that I may also like this one due to the fantasy element.  She was right.

Goblin Maple Leaf

One year on, I have now watched Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon, Boys Over Flowers (yes, all of it!) and have just finished Weightlifting Fairly Kim Bok-Joo.  Admittedly, I was spoilt by starting with Goblin as it is quite an exceptional piece of work.  But I have really enjoyed Strong Woman and Weightlifting Fairy, and even Boys over Flowers had its moments.

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